Our Library

The library is available to all regular attenders.  We have a large variety of reference and fiction.  There are also kids and youth books.  We also have a small variety of DVD's.  We ask that you make sure DVD's get back on time.  


We ask adults to be there when their children want to sign out books.  Please stamp both the card and the book with the due date, and leave the card in the blue box.  If there is no card in the pocket, please leave the book on the librarians desk so she can card it.  Books are due back in 2 weeks.  

Our Librarian is Helen Thiessen

Home (306)239-2144

Cell (306)281-9773

or Email Helen

Information Booklet

Our Information Booklet is available at the church.  

This booklet is a resource for everyone who attends Rosthern Alliance Church to know what is going on and who to contact for what.  

This is an online video library.  Unlimited access to an abundance of Bible study material and Christian children's shows.  There is something for everyone here... kids, youth, men, women, married, single, and small groups! 

With this resource if you have a desire or see a need for a small group to happen it makes it easy to facilitate.

Rosthern Alliance Church has a subscription to Right Now Media.  It is available for free to anyone who is part of our church family.  To gain access send an email to anyone on staff or ask a friend at church to send you an invite!


Our photo directory is updated annually.  If you would like your family photo and contact information added or updated please send information to Brenda Stickel.

If you would like a copy of our current directory it is available at church.  

This is a public page and it is used for:

  • posting the sermon each week using Facebook Live

  • posting public announcments

This is a closed group page and it is used for:

  • Weekly bulletins

  • Prayer requests

  • Posting photos of church events

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