Sunday School

Classes are available for both Junior youth (grades 7-9) and Senior youth (grades 10-12).


What is quizzing?  Quizzing is a fun and competitive way for youth in Grades 7-12 (ages 12-18) to memorize the word of God.  

Weekly practices are Wednesday nights (Sept to May) from 6:30 to 8:30, and involve reciting verses, Bible study and practice for competitions.

Four quiz meets are held each year that involve 350+ youth from Saskatchewan, Manitoba and a small part of Ontario.  These weekend competitions are a great time for friendly competition, socials, and praise and worship.

Each year a book (or books) of the New Testament are studied and verses are memorized in a 7 year rotation.  Some memorize 150 verses per year, some memorize 300, and some memorize all of the material covered in that particular year.

Youth Group

The youth group is about friends getting together and having a good time, while learning about what is in the Bible and how it relates to everyday life.  We exist to put the Bible into perspective one story, parable, teaching at a time.  We strive to teach and exemplify Jesus in our words and actions.  

Part of our Youth program includes small group studies.  Junior Gals (grades 7-9), Senior Gals (grades 10-12), Junior Guys (grades 7-9), Senior Guys (grades 10-12)

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