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The Christian and Missionary Alliance

The Christian and Missionary Alliance has been in existence for about 120 years. A Canadian Presbyterian minister, Albert B. Simpson, founded it in 1887. At the time, he was ministering in New York City. When he realized that the people in his congregation did not share his burden to reach out to the people around him and around the world, he launched out on his own.


Leaving his comfortable church, he began evangelistic work among the masses of New York, trusting the Lord alone to supply all his needs. Soon, his burden for the lost world caused him to engage in a great world-wide missionary crusade.


To better train workers for this vast effort, he founded the Missionary Training Institute at Nyack, N.Y., the oldest Bible Institute in America. He also launched a weekly Christian periodical, known today as the “Alliance Life”. In 1884, Simpson’s fledging church sent out its first missionaries to Africa. Today, the Christian and Missionary Alliance is represented in on all continents.


In Canada, the “Alliance” has 424 churches with an inclusive membership of over 118,000. In its short history, the Christian and Missionary Alliance has grown from a small missionary movement into an active and strong denomination.

Our Logo

About our Logo

The cross, the laver, the pitcher and the crown are emblematic of the adequacy of the person of Christ.

The elements of the logo represent what we believe by identifying four aspects of the gospel (Sometimes referred to as the 4-fold gospel).

  1. Jesus Christ our SAVIOUR

  2. Jesus Christ our SANCTIFIER

  3. Jesus Christ our HEALER

  4. Jesus Christ our COMING KING


The Cross

The Cross symbolizes salvation that is provided through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


The Laver

The Laver symbolizes the sanctifying grace of God, which provided daily cleansing from sin through the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit.


The Pitcher

The Pitcher of oil symbolizes the power of the Holy Spirit and the provision of annointing for healing.


The Crown

The crown symbolizes the return of Jesus Christ as King of Kings, as well as the victorious reward of those who will share in the glory of Christ.

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