Giving at Rosthern Alliance Church

Our offering envelope:

Each year, Rosthern Alliance Church's members vote on an annual church budget, called the General Fund.  When one gives to the General Fund, it finances staff salaries, equiptment purchases, ministry related expenses, etc.

District Operating Fund (which finances the Canadian Midwest District) revenue comes from 3% of every church's General Fund offerings.  The District Operating Fund covers the cost of running the District Office and providing District personnel and services to its workers and on-site to its congregations.  

We find Missions separately from our General Fund.  Our missions giving is divided among individual missionaries our church supports and Global Advance, the method used by the C&MA in Canada to finance international ministry.  Of all that is given to Missions, individual missionaries receive 12.5% each and Global Advance receives 25%.

We collect money for needs of the poor and those who need financial assistance.  This is called the Benevolent Fund.  The Benevolent Fund is administered by our Board of Elders.

For future building projects and building related needs, people can give to our Building Fund.  Due to legal legislation, this money cannot be used for any other purpose than building related expenses.

To encourage students as they follow God's leading to attend a Bible College, we have a Bible College Bursary Fund.  This is meant to offset some of the costs associated with attending a Bible College.  A student need only to let the Board of Elders know of their intention to attend a Bible College.  This fund is administered by the Board of Elders.

Designation Policy:

Each contribution designation toward an approved program or project of the Rosthern Alliance Church will be used as designated with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met or cannot be completed for any reason as determined by the Board of Elders, the remaining designated contribution for such program or project will be used where most needed.

E-Transfers to Rosthern Alliance Church

  • E-transfers are an easy way to make your donation to the church.  You will not need to prepare a cheque and bring it Sunday morning.

  • All e-transfers must be made on or before the last Sunday of the month.  Please make no transfers between the last Sunday of the month and the final day of the month

  • Email your e-transfer or questions to Brenda Stickel

  • Your question to ask on your e-transfer is:

    • What is the world's best seller?​

    • The answer is: Bible

  • In the notes section you can designate your transfer:​

    • General Fund​

    • Missions Fund

    • Benevolent Fund

    • Building Fund

    • Bursary Fund

  • Any funds transferred without designation will be put in the General Fund​